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Hi, I'm Hava , Certified Sleep Consultant

As a certified Sleep and Well-Being Specialist, I have an in-depth knowledge of the science behind pediatric sleep. Using developmental psychology & an extensive understanding of attachment to guide my approach, I am skilled at helping families strengthen their familial relationship while educating parents on how to get the best sleep possible without sleep training.  I work extensively with children 0-6 years of age.

My job is to support your instincts and help you better understand your child’s cues. I’ll work with you to identify sleep solutions through responsive parenting practices and connected relationships — without resorting to traditional separation-based sleep training techniques.

My education includes: 

Bachelor's Degree with studies in Psychology 
Certified Baby-led Sleep Specialist from Isla Grace Sleep

Infant Sleep Educator & Specialist  with Bebo-Mia 
The Holistic Sleep Coaching Program

And extensive continuing education in infant mental health, attachment, early years sleep & breastfeeding.

My Approach to Wellness, Sleep & Attachment

My approach to sleep revolves around you and your baby.

My approach places an emphasis on parental instincts and a baby’s cues. My mission is to help parents find sleep solutions through responsive parenting practices while building connected relationships. I am passionate about helping families improve sleep without resorting to sleeping training. 

My method's

  • respects and nurtures the attachment system;

  • supports the natural progression of development;

  • gives parents an understanding of what “normal” baby sleep looks like;

  • appreciates your baby’s still-developing brain and dominant survival instinct;

  • encourages parents to believe and to follow their own instincts; and

  • empowers a mother to make changes to improve the quality of her baby’

My Approach will help you to; 


  • understand realistic, age-appropriate expectations about sleep;

  • learn about yourself as a parent and your impact on your baby’s sleep;

  • be a responsive parent by listening to your child’s cues and dealing with your child respectfully while supporting any distress, in an effort to build and nurture trust;

  • create a safe sleep space;

  • appreciate the emotional work required to support sleep, understand what causes sleep interruptions, and how sleep actually works; and

  • use the tools that encourage better sleep for your baby, as well as help you gain control over the conditions that affect good sleep, such as your own behavior, nutrition, environmental factors, routines, time, and “village” of support.

There is no one formula, no set program that all parents receive. There is no timer, no “training manual”, no predetermined step-by-step instructions. You and your baby are unique, and your goals & baby's needs led the process.

I start where you are. We look at your baby’s physiological development and identify what parts of your current sleep patterns are working (and not working) for you at this time.

I prioritize your relationship. You are your baby’s world. This is their developmental norm and is essential to human well-being. We continually center your attachment relationship as an essential part of family health.

I trust your inner parental wisdom. No one knows your baby and your family better than you. We do not ask you to implement techniques or structures that don’t feel right for you.

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