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Breath confidence, understanding and connection into your parenting so your child can truly flourish in life.

Research is Clear:

The most important predictor for how well your child turns out is whether or not they develop a secure attachment with at least one caregiver.
It’s that simple.

Can you feel it?

The deep desire to know your child's inner workings.

The innate need to be responsive and support your child's big emotions. You know a stable sense of love and trust in their most formative years is the key to truly thriving in life

But you're worried?  Why?

You hear daily society’s messages that you’ll spoil your baby if you're too responsive, that your child will never learn to be independent, or that he’ll become ‘too clingy’ or ‘too attached’ to you. 

But that has never felt right.


Attachment science is the most researched theory in developmental psychology. With over 60 years of cross-cultural research, we know that children with a secure attachment enjoy: 

Better emotional regulation 
Greater self-esteem
Improved resilience 
More fulfilling relationships
More happiness and less anger towards their parents
Greater problem-solving abilities
The ability to ask for help when they are in trouble
Lasting friendships and improved dynamics 
Healthier sibling relationships
More protection against feeling hopeless or helpless about life
Being able to trust the people they love
The know how and ability to demonstrate kindness
The belief that good things will happen


Unlock the Key to Understanding Your Child

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Your child doesn't need perfect parents

They need parents who show up for them when they need you most. They need parents who are willing to repair mistakes when we mess up evolve and grow alongside them. Every single time you show up for your child, you’re wiring your child’s brain for calm, connection, and trust. Every single time you make mistakes and repair them with your child, you’re wiring your child’s brain for resilience, safe relationships, and strength of character. 

Sleeping Like a Baby

The longitudinal research on child development clearly demonstrates that one of the very best predictors for how any child turns out - in terms of happiness, social and emotional development, leadership skills, meaningful relationships and even academic and career success - is whether they developed security from having at least one person who showed up for them.”


Parenting through attachment will teach you that you don’t need to find the answers
- because you are your child’s answer. 
You are your child's best bet in life.

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Attachment is the most important need in every human.

It is not a parenting style, it is a biological need.

The Foundation of Attachment

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Unlock the Key to Understanding Your Child

Start Today with your FREE Guide "The Six Stages of Attachment"
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