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Get Sleep Without Sleep Training


The TRUTH About "Drowsy but Awake", "Bad Habits" and Sleep Associations

Make sure that you have lots of sleep associations! Sleep associations get a bad reputation, but we ALL have sleep associations. There are truly no bad habits, only things that no longer work for you and your baby.

The only sleep associations that are “bad” are the ones that aren’t working for you. There's no such thing as a bad habit or bad sleep prop. How your baby falls asleep is only one small piece of the "good baby sleep" puzzle, and falling asleep independently, without any support from you or another caregiver is not a requirement for connecting sleep cycles.

Every sleep association can be beneficial if it works for your family and your goals.

When it comes to sleep associations, it's up to you to pick what you want your bedtime routine to look like, what associations are helpful, and what works towards your sleep goals. Experiment with adding in the sleep associations that make sense for you and will support any future goals of removing a different association or changing a specific pattern in your sleep routine.

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