Reclaim your Rest and Confidence in Baby Sleep

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Breakthrough the sleep stress to reclaim your confidence in baby sleep & enjoy parenthood.

✔ Easily implementable strategies
✔ Solutions to sleep challenges  
✔ Save hours of confusion  
✔ Confidence in baby sleep  
✔ Navigate sleep with confidence  
✔ Get clear on real baby sleep  


You know you need to make a change, there’s only one problem: you haven’t been given a solution that doesn’t involve leaving your baby to cry. 

It’s time to get real baby sleep advice that you can feel good about, backed by science, while being supported to follow your instincts.

Maybe you’re tired and confused and all you want is to feel more confidence about your baby’s sleep.

Maybe you’re overwhelmed with all the conflicting information online about baby sleep when all you want is to feel at peace and love this season of parenthood.

Maybe you’re done with second guessing every aspect of sleep and ready for a clear path to better sleep without ignoring your instincts.

With the Flourishing Sleep Membership you will be able to improve sleep with confidence and never doubt yourself again.

Sure that whatever comes your way, you can navigate it with real practical information that you can implement tonight, plus the confidence that you are already doing an awesome job as the best parent for your little one.

Say goodbye to...

❌ Struggling to get better sleep, but wondering if your only option is to sleep train  

❌ Wrecking your brain trying to figure out what is normal for your baby and their sleep
❌ Always feeling overwhelmed because of all the conflicting baby sleep info and worrying that you’re doing something wrong.  

❌ Feeling burnt out and defeated trying to get everything “perfect” so your baby will sleep well  

Instead you'll...

✔️ Wake up in the morning confident because you know whatever happens you have the tools to take it on.

  ✔️ Never doubt yourself ever again and when sleep challenges arise you have a sleep expert on your side cheering you on every step of the way.  

✔️ Actually enjoy your time with your baby and at peace with their sleep.
✔️ Feel so sure in sleep that you’ll never have to google a question again 


The Flourishing Sleep Membership

 The complete Raised to Flourish framework to getting better sleep without sleep training.  The ultimate sleep membership complete with on demand video workshops, quick reference sheets and guides, and best practises to make real sleep changes for better rest, and ongoing support from a sleep specialist so you truly find your peace in baby sleep.

Here's what you'll get:

  • The comprehensive roadmap to improving sleep without ever ignoring your instincts or leaving your little to cry; everything you need to understand AND improve your little one's sleep.
  • On demand access to hours of video content in easily digestible sections to transform the way you understand your child’s sleep and responsive strategies to make improvements
  • Bi-weekly live calls for ongoing support, guidance, and reassurance
  • Guides and worksheets so you will have the tools you need to create your own custom Sleep Plan, to ensure that EVERYONE in your family is getting their needs met.
  • Quick reference sheets so the information you need is right at your fingertips.
  • Deep dives into attachment, emotion, parenting beyond sleep, and how to support your own wellbeing as parent.

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The Flourishing Sleep Membership is the key to ditch the sleep overwhelm for good and understand your baby’s sleep and how to make real improvements.