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A nurturing & responsive alternative to sleep training for tired parents.

Holistic, attachment and science-based sleep support for babies & toddlers. 

Feel rested & empowered with the tools you need to support your baby’s best sleep, through connection and attachment focused strategies.  

Learn how to nurture your little's sleep and finally feel confident and rested

Are you are struggling with your little one's sleep?

Maybe you're tired of feeling stressed, overwhelmed and lost and ready to feel confident in navigating the world of baby sleep

You want to nurture your child in a gentle, responsive way, but you’re EXHAUSTED
Perhaps you know you want to keep responding to your child, but you know things right now are unsustainable?
Maybe you know you need to make a change, but you need help doing so in a truly gentle way. You want to respect your baby’s needs and the needs of your family

A neuroscience and attachment-based approach to nurturing your little's sleep

Nurturing sleep might be the right option for you if; 

You’re drawn to parent your child in a responsive manner

You believe in the communication value of your child’s cry

You trust your intuition when it comes to parenting your child

You want evidence-based information on the science of sleep and attachment

You want wholehearted, empathetic support in finding what works best for your family’s sleep

I believe babies need nurturing care AND having your needs met shouldn’t come at the expense of meeting your baby’s needs. The two shouldn’t be mutually exclusive!

My job is to support your instincts and help you better understand your child’s cues and needs. I work with families to identify sleep solutions through responsive parenting practices and connected relationships — without resorting to traditional separation-based sleep training techniques.

Sleep Support Includes

Baby mobile
Custom Created Sleep Plan
Sleeping Baby
Holisitc Comprehensive
Sleep Education and Strategies
Mother and Baby

Get the Sleep Support You Need

Attachment & Connnection Based 

Self-Paced Courses
1:1 Coaching
Digital Guides & Webinars
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"Hava's support was amazing.  This is my second baby and she is so different from my first.  Hava gave me the confidence I needed and information to improve our sleep situation.”

— Anna
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"Hava really helped me!  I have felt so much pressure about my baby's sleeping habits and that I was doing everything wrong.  Her coaching provided me with everything I needed to be confident going forward."

— Nikita

Hava was great to work with, she was very friendly, respectful, and encouraging. She asked about all areas of our routines and lifestyle, and made personalized suggestions that were helpful for our family. She was responsive and flexible, checked in on how we were doing, and offered continued support.

Katelynn L

What Well Rested Parents Say

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Independent Sleep Through Connection

The Ultimate Guide to Independent Sleep

This course is your gentle, responsive and attachment-focused strategy guide! All the best practices and strategies you need to make the transition successful and responsive to both your need for a change and your little one's attachment and emotional needs

Image by Xavier Mouton Photographie

The Nurtured Sleep Course

A comprehensive course to understanding and optimizing your child's sleep

You will discover the typical reasons for sleep struggles, review your expectations, and explore new ways to overcome common challenges. EVERY baby is unique; there is no "one-size-fits-all" solution for everyone. This course is designed to help you tune into your child to support them to their best possible sleep.

Image by Ana Tablas

The Peaceful Nap Guide

A gentle, responsive guide to peaceful naptimes with your little one.

All the foundational knowledge you need to set your little one up for optimal sleep, and solutions to common naptime challenges.

Image by Zach Vessels

Understanding Your Baby's Sleep

Sleep foundations for 0-18 months

The ultimate guide to understanding sleep foundations for babies 0-12 months, and the best strategies for common challenges.

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