It’s time to get better sleep without ignoring your instincts

You don’t need to listen to the old, outdated advice about baby sleep.

Feel rested & empowered with real sleep solutions that keeps you connected to your baby through the whole process. You don’t need to choose between “wait it out” and traditional sleep training to improve your family’s sleep. With my holistic and responsive approach to sleep, we can find a middle ground that considers both your child’s well-being and your own as a parent.

Are you struggling with your little one’s sleep?

Learn how to understand your child’s sleep and finally feel confident and rested

Maybe you’re tired of feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and lost.

You have been down the internet rabbit hole and your more confused than ever. You are ready to feel confident again in navigating the world of baby sleep.  

You want to nurture your child in a gentle, responsive way back to sleep, but you’re EXHAUSTED.  

Perhaps you’re in one of two situations:  

1) You tried traditional sleep training and your currently not getting the results you expected from it or…  

2) You feel that traditional sleep training is not for you or your family, and wondering if there are any effective alternatives solutions for you  

If you fall into these 2 categories, the Raised to Flourish Sleep Framework will help you reclaim your rest and confidence with holistic sleep solutions. The best part is that this is not a short term band-aid solution, but a long term approach to sleep that works well into the toddler years.

Reclaim your rest & take back your confidence

With the Raised to Flourish Sleep Framework you will be able to:

  • Get results while maintaining that loving relationship with your little one   
  • Use evidence-based information on the science of sleep and attachment    
  • Be able to trust your intuition when it comes to parenting your child    
  • Get wholehearted, empathetic support in finding what works best for your family’s sleep

How can we support you today?

Free Resources

Access plenty of free resources available to help you get on the right track. Access videos, articles, and other helpful materials to aid you in getting your baby the quality rest they need. Get the support you need to ensure a safe, comfortable, and healthy sleeping environment for you and your little one!

The Ultimate Guide to Sleep for 0-18 Months

Designed to give you the education, confidence and practical tools you need to maximize sleep for your family and make real improvements with ease.

1:1 Sleep Support & Coaching

If you’re tired of misinformation and confused about what to do next, I’d love to provide you with a solution. The Raised to Flourish Sleep approach is a comprehensive solution that is custom designed to improve the rest and well-being of your family while honoring your baby, your goals, and your needs.