Sleep made Simple: Workshop & Guide

Simplify Sleep with over an hour of video content PLUS a complete guide and workbook.

This if for you if...

  • You’re ready for sleep to be a little less complicated    
  • You want to know the 5 part framework to support more peaceful sleep in your home.  
  • You want practical ways to improve sleep and how to start tuning into your unique child 
  • You want to gain a deeper understanding of how babies sleep and what they may need to sleep well, working WITH your individual child- not against them. 

What's included in
Sleep made Simple

  • Over an hour of on-demand video content
  • A complete 90 + page guide to sleep foundations 
  • A workbook to help you implement practical and gentle strategies

What's in the guide:

More than sleep

  • Attachment and connection 
  • Sleep training & self soothing 

Realistic Expectations

  • Understanding night wakes 
  • Sleep cycles and science 
  • Sleep consolidation 
  • Sleep and feeding

Sleep through the months

  • Average sleep expectations
  • PROgressions
  • Strategies for PROgressions

Sleep Disruptors 

  • Underlying causes of sleep challenges

Sleep Associations

  • Drowsy but awake 
  • Supporting sleep 
  • Building associations 
  • Making changes 

Sleep Foundations

  • Co-regulation
  • Sleep needs and totals 
  • Wake windows
  • Temperament and stress 
  • Sleep environment 
  • Routines 
  • Sleep cues 
  • Supporting optimal patterns 
  • The ideal bedtime 

Challenges and Solutions

  • Short naps
  • Big feelings
  • Time changes 
  • Wakes when unlatched 
  • Split nights 
  • Fighting sleep 
  • Early rises 
  • Independent sleep overview 
  • Nap transitions 
  • Grumpy when they wake 
  • Frequent night wakes

BONUS: Baby sleep myths

  • Learn about baby sleep myths that might get in your way

Hava | Raised To Flourish Sleep Specialist